A landing page is a campaign-specific, standalone web page which centers around getting visitors to complete just one marketing goal or call to action. Dedicated landing pages live independently from your website (meaning they’re only accessible through the link you provide in promotional content).

Enhance Marketing Campaigns

Produce better campaign results and higher conversion rates by:

  • Promoting just one action.
  • Narrow a visitor’s focus.
  • Follow through with the CTA.

They are different than websites

Rather than exploring a page for information, they get visitors to perform a meaningful marketing action for lead generation or exist as a means of influencing, then directly prompting a purchase.

Better controled marketing funnel

We work with you to determine campaigns your target marketing will respond to. Build high-converting campaign-specific landing pages. We can also A/B test and iterate your pages until you’re seeing increased conversions.

While many agencies specialize in PPC, our agency specializes in not only securing you the most relevant ads but also in conversion optimization and testing. We can improve conversion rates by testing variations of landing pages to find what combination of elements can secure you more high-quality leads per month.

A typical agency has to rely on securing more ad spend from you to get more traffic to your campaigns, but we can use a combination of PPC traffic and highly persuasive landing pages — tested to appeal to your audience to increase conversions — to improve the ROI of your campaigns. While more PPC agencies focus on pre-click, landing pages are the way we optimize the post-click experience and get you the results you deserve.